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Santa Claus Porn Games - A Different Christmas


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Santa Claus sex game

Christmas can be a lot more entertaining than you think, and all because of Mrs. Claus and what you can do to her by taking on the role of Santa Claus. There are many themed games that focus on certain times of the year, being Christmas games some of the most demanded. In the present case, this Santa Claus sex video game opens up a world of possibilities for you to satiate your kinkiest and hottest fantasies.

Most of these titles have the purpose of making you deliver presents and fulfill most of the activities that Santa must assume at Christmas, all of them with a pleasurable twist. Thus, the gift-giving can end in a private party with the parents, while you enjoy some of the “surprise” toys you have to hand out during the holidays.

Christmas xxx game and papa noel handing out gifts for adults

Christmas games are not usually related to sex games, but this time Santa Claus offers his wife and mothers of all the little ones expecting gifts their own surprises and a more than fun night out. Several of these options can be found in apk form for Android, iOS and iPhone.

In principle, the most popular category of this game is the one that features a Christmas xxx game and Santa delivering gifts for adults, this being the one where you can find different partners for a sexually charged night. Each mission will take you to women of your choice and you can repeat the night of sexual debauchery with all of them.

Finally, in addition to the platform and action type games, there are 3D options for all types of devices where you will just have to satisfy the dwarves and Mrs. Claus. These are slightly shorter and more linear, but they guarantee you hours and hours of the best Christmas runs.