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Fucknite: The porn version of Fortnite


4 / 5

  • EFFECTS 4/5

A sex simulator in the style of Fortnite

Much more than a parody of fortnite, you can enjoy a sex simulator that can be too addictive, and that is Fucknite. Unlike the other one, in this porn game your only mission will be to fuck and have fun while facing your rivals.

Also known as sex fight, it has many of the features of its model, including cool skins and extraordinary skills to fuck whoever you want. One of the best porn versions of the famous video game, it guarantees an environment where you can cum big time. The best part is that it uses 3D graphics and the same codes you already know, but adding lots of hardcore and uncensored sex scenes.

It promises to become your favorite, as this sex game is available on PC, Android and iPhone. If you are the best video game player, show off your great skills in this Fortnite style sex simulator.

An interactive multiplayer porn game

In this sex simulator you also have to face 100 players. Therefore, it is an interactive multiplayer porn game with beautiful 3D graphics.

Thus, your skills are put to the test for several hours, or until your desire to fuck allows it. The strategy changes a bit compared to Fortnite, because here the ideal is to run into other players and take every opportunity to have wild sex.

On the map, you find players from anywhere in the world, and the only way to advance is by having lots of sex or participating in cool orgies. Being an interactive porn game, no two sessions will ever be the same. So your hours of games with Fucknite will bring new scenarios and unlimited sexual interactions. Undoubtedly, an adventure for adults to enjoy sex and video games in one place where you can fuck whoever you want.