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Mini games xxx paper rock or scissors only here


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A sex adaptation of the legendary paper rock or scissors game.

The classic game of paper rock or scissors is not just for making day-to-day decisions, it’s also a way to compete for the hot content you want to watch. Because it’s so old-school, you won’t have to learn complex rules or adapt to its gameplay, you can get straight to the point. Win every hand in these mini-games, rack up points and unlock images and videos of whatever you want to cum endlessly.

With explicit animations in an interactive way you will have the opportunity to make the moves you want after each turn. Each winning game allows you to choose the posture you want to see to cum or the speed of the movements.

The modeling is sensual, as well as having a much more detailed anatomy. So, by moving the model that gets you hard you will be able to better appreciate her body.

You will love this sex game

This, rather than a game of paper rock and scissors is a way to take turns winning increasingly explicit content.

Because of the ease of playing with another person in real time, there are “multiplayer” modes where you can also compete against an artificial antiligence that will recreate a model. Unlike points, with each game you can request that she do something you want her to do. Another popular option is for you to compete for explicit videos of the model you have chosen.

Not all classics have to be conservative, much less one like this that can be adapted to all types of hot game play in couples or solo. It caters for all genres of adult content, making it possible for you to sit back, take your time between cumshots and games, and enjoy all kinds of content in seconds. No doubt, you will love this sex game.