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The Simpsons XXX Porn Game


4 / 5

  • EFFECTS 4/5

Images of Marge and Homer fucking

The Simpsons sex adventures promise to be as much fun as the series itself. You will not only see the images of Marge and Homer fucking non-stop, but also the erotic skills of the other characters in the most intense sex scenes.

Walk through the hottest sex scenes with the main characters or whoever you want, in their honeymoon getaways or casual encounters in any of the iconic places of the animated Springfield. Just what was missing for this successful animation to be the favorite of more players online.

In this adult game no rules are respected, so Marge and Homer will have no problem fucking any of the characters. Ned Flander, Moe or the Reverend will do their thing, even Mr. Burns and Sithers practicing homosexual sex as we all imagined at some point.

Original drawings and realistic 2d graphics

This game offers a high quality sexual parody, since the animations of each character correspond to the original drawings with realistic and very well done 2d graphics. In addition, the great details in the sex scenes give a plus to the Simpsons porn game experience.

Hardcore sex, orgies, blowjobs and homosexual encounters between Simpsons characters from a unique perspective where you will appreciate all the details that will make you cum with pleasure. Even Grandpa Abe will get more sex action than you think, and you’ll get to see more of Edna’s most striking attributes in action.

In some of the scenes, the characters’ characteristics have been modified. So you can find an adult Bart or Marge with huge tits ready to give pleasure and fulfill your fantasies with this famous comic in its XXX version.