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Honey pop 2 - Porn adventure game


4 / 5

  • EFFECTS 4/5

Video game xxx

A tourist adventure full of sex is what you find in the xxx video game Fantastic scenarios where you can have a good time with the female protagonist or plan a futanari encounter of the hottest and kinkiest you can imagine while solving a puzzle.

On this exotic island, lesbian girls abound and fun has a woman’s face. Although every now and then a huge cock enters the scene as part of the trans appeal of this uncensored adult game. The lines of dialogue have their own voice and the graphics are very well done.

The object of the game is to defeat the Nymphojinn, the master of lust, and for that you must ally yourself with Kyu. A power struggle that promises great scenes of hard sex, exchanges and lesbian girls everywhere.

Sex game and dating simulator

As part of the honeypop saga, this installment of this sex game includes an interesting mix of puzzle game and dating simulator. Where you will not only find yourself in the middle of an exotic island to fuck, you must also prove your skills with double dating.

A honey pop 2 addition that has given a lot of food for thought, because you must select the right strategy to divide your energy, time and enthusiasm to complete two dates at once. The girls are bisexual, so you can’t take anything for granted with your male protagonist, who may well get a futa/trans surprise.

The gameplay is top notch, the scenes are varied and the freebies just keep on coming. Not for nothing is recognized as one of the best games according to Nutaku. Apart from its challenges and exciting missions, this sex game is really good and now you have the chance to find out why.