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Magicami DX - The Best XXX Porn RPG Game


4 / 5

  • EFFECTS 4/5

MagicamiDX sex video game

A troop of pretty girls waiting to be guided by you, with the intention of fighting battles, and also to learn sexual skills and generate the most exciting porn content. For this, you’ll have to overcome the missions, and have your characters reach a certain level.

Within the hentai genre, MagicamiDX sex video game is a sex video game. The intensity of the scenes depends on the level you reach, although you can get several top scenes from the start, along the way you will see that the action is increasingly intense and allows you to choose between a nice romance or the hardest sex you can imagine.

Despite the cute images you may perceive at first, MagicamiDX is a full-fledged sex video game. This means that there are no censored scenes, the positions and graphics are extremely explicit and quite erotic.

Magical girls await you at Mgcm Dx

The female characters of MagicamiDX are not only beautiful and hot, they really are magical girls. This means that nothing will be normal, the positions, powers and cumshots will be literally out of this world. Although really, the trick to this game is in the dresses.

Just like a warrior’s armor, the magical girls’ dresses and accessories give them special powers. Some you get them as rewards in quests and special events, and in the case of the best ones you must get them in the store.

Iroha and Kaori are the leaders of the magical girls, and the first ones you will interact with. While they want to save the world, you’ll probably be in the middle of a run and that’s one of the best things about adult games. You can make a simple story into a game with which you have your own happy ending.