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Under The Witch - Porn adventure game


4 / 5

  • EFFECTS 4/5

Underthewitch is a 3d sex game.

A sinister story is hidden behind every mission. Although Underthewitch is a 3d sex game, its plot may scare more than one. Not only do you need to protect yourself from the ruthless witches, you also need to avoid being made to run.

Obviously this is an uncensored game, where you, as the male protagonist, fight a battle against the witch The Dealer. Your semen is part of her life food, so she will do anything to get it, including resorting to female domination, making it normal to have several women sitting on your face.

The hentai graphic line ensures high quality animations, as well as the usual big boobs. The good thing is that not all of them are witches, so while you go through the forest you can take advantage of fucking with the prettiest ones to find your favorite fetish and practice it without risk.

Turn-based xxx video game

Along with a fascinating story you must add the strategy that you experience in Under The Witch being a turn-based xxx video game. For which you will have a complete inventory of skills and defense items, while the witches will use everything they can to seduce you.

Big butts, oral sex or foot fetish. When they discover your weak spot and extract your semen, you will really explode with pleasure, but that means you will have succumbed to their charms to be their slave. If you resist you unlock skills and attractive rewards that can range from hot sex scenes to a new collection of girls.

Underthewitch alludes to two main episodes. The beginning in episode 0 and the rescue, known as episode 1 where the beautiful Alice comes to meet you and saves you from your state of domination. But it’s just a chance to resume the battle, where you probably don’t mind too much being at the mercy of a nymphomaniac witch.